Jiva Trade


JIVA TRADE Company Ltd. was established in February 1996. Headquartered in its own premises in Horní Lán 15, 779 00 Olomouc. The main activity of JIVA TRADE Company Ltd. is trade in waste paper medium and high categories.

The company mainly specializes in the import of high quality recycled paper that is classified according to the groups 3 and 4 - high-quality types in the form of bales or on rolls (bookbinding, wood-free shavings, wood free white letters, white newsprint, white shavings, etc. .).

The company JIVA TRADE is also able to respond to the demand of waste paper grade 1, 2 and 5
Overview and categorization according to DIN EN 643 can be found at this site (pdf, cca 810 kb).

We are certified PEFC and FSC® (details in the DOCUMENTS):


90% of the company activity is import of specified commodities from EU countries, especially from Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The remaining 10% is realized in the inland.

The priorities of our business are:
• impeccable service, which leads to customer satisfaction
• short response time to your requests, inquiries promptly solved, including transportation to the place of learning
• constant communication with the customer
• creating long term relationships based on good experience with our company

REFERENCES: volumes of orders, with which the company operates JIVA TRADE, ranks us among the main importers
and suppliers of recycled paper for companies:
SHP Harmanec Slovakia a.s. • SHP Slavošovce Slovakia a.s. • Tento Žilina Slovakia a.s.
JIP-Papírny Větřní, a.s. • Papírna Aloisov a.s. • EMBA s.r.o. Paseky nad Jizerou • KRPA Hostinné a.s.
• Stepa s.r.o. Lanškroun • MONDI SCP a.s. Ružomberok, Štětí


Horní Lán 15
779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic

Manufacturing facility